The s(CASP) web server


This is a demonstrator. This service is likely to change functionality and location. This service runs on SWI-Prolog using the [GitHub] SWI-Prolog port of s(CASP). Bugs should be reported at the issue tracker of the the GIT repository. Discussion can use the SWI-Prolog forum


The s(CASP) system is a top-down interpreter for ASP programs with constraints.

This work was presented at ICLP'18 (Arias et al. 2018), also available here.

And extended description of the justification trees was presented at ICLP'20 (Arias et al. 2020).

s(CASP) by Joaquin Arias, is based on s(ASP) by Kyle Marple.

s(CASP) is an implementation of the stable model semantics of constraint logic programming. Unlike similar systems, it does not employ any form of grounding. This allows s(CASP) to execute programs that are not finitely groundable, including those which make use of lists and terms.

Using as a service

The server accepts data requests on It deals with several formats: